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Survival Guide - Managing Stress

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Organize its work to combat stress

In small doses, stress pushes us to excel. Work overload can cause stress, however, harmful to health. Here are some tips to make your life easier.

1. Do the most difficult tasks first. If you put off until later, a difficult task or unpleasant it will bother you, even if it is just a phone call. By cons, once the task, your mind will be released.

2. Bring order to your tasks and folders. "When we're busy, we forget. Therefore write all your task in a diary, clearly indicating the priorities of the day, "says Charbonneau. It is also important to classify documents. "Some people lose only five hours a week looking for records." To avoid this situation, make a big household every two weeks, or a smaller every day.

3. Do not be too perfectionist. As your boss impose tight deadlines, it is rarely possible to refine your work until absolute perfection. We need to know to allocate a realistic time for each task.

4. Respect your limits. If the boss assigns you a task while you're already overwhelmed, show him your schedule. Let him decide whether this new request is more urgent than your other responsibilities.

5. Give yourself small pleasures. When your concentration decreases after an hour of work, you often take short breaks. You can just look outside, to breathe fresh air or eat a piece of chocolate! Also apply this principle to your holiday. "Instead of taking a month each summer, divide your weeks of vacation during the year," says Charbonneau. So you'll have a short-term goal, which helps to manage stress and maintain their enthusiasm for work.

How to expand your network

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Today knowledge intelligently expand his circle of relations is no longer the monopoly of seasoned networkers but also the fact that everyone, through situations of everyday life.

Opportunities not to miss method to approach your target contacts, not to make mistakes ... Here are tips to enrich their address book. A significant weapon at a time when you may need to meet the challenges of a job search or starting a business.
Expand its network

Today knowledge intelligently expand his circle of relations is no longer the monopoly of seasoned networkers but also the fact that everyone, through situations of everyday life.

Opportunities not to miss method to approach your target contacts, not to make mistakes ... Here are tips to enrich their address book. A significant weapon at a time when you may need to meet the challenges of a job search or starting a business.

Be ready at all times

It must be borne in mind that any situation can be an opportunity to enlarge its network. Travel, meals, parties and a fortiori, conferences are so many opportunities available to you. To not let your opportunity gone with the wind, always think that you must have business cards. When we meet someone, and we don't have business card is actually harmful. In 90% of cases, when you do not have your own business card, then you meet people you said you will send it, but the fact you do not send your card. It's huge mistakes. Prepare your self to have your own business card.

Decompartmentalise personal and professional relationships

People tend to separate their personal from their professional relationships and it is a mistake. Do not hesitate to open up the personal and professional relationships. Share your interests with your professional relationships. by collaborating your personal and professional life, you can open doors unsuspected, the personal circle can become a relay exceptional.

Establish your image as an expert

One way to integrate your self related to your workplace is to establish your image as an expert in the field where you have jurisdiction. The way can be done by participating in discussion circles, intervening in seminars or conferences, exchanging on expert forums .

If such an activity can quickly become time consuming, both in terms of travel or time spent on the blogosphere, it is nevertheless an excellent showcase and therefore an ideal way to meet new people, increase their network quality.

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Ten Tips to Reduce Stress

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As people are working harder but taking less time off than ever before, the level of their stress continues to increase in proportion. Also, the days are gone when people worked for the same company for 30 years with the guarantee of receiving a solid gold watch at their retirement party.

Job changes are more frequent now, and that's an additional source of stress.

How do you know if you're overstressed? Ask yourself the following stress management questions.

Do you:

  • Rush in a panic to work every morning?
  • Eat lunch at your desk to get as much work done as possible?
  • Feel too exhausted at the end of the day to enjoy activities at night?
  • Ruminate as you try to fall asleep about what needs to be done the next day?
  • Dream (or have nightmares) about work related issues?
  • Put off vacations or other family activities because you're too busy with work?

If you answered yes to at least two of these stress management questions, stress is probably affecting your life more than you realize. You may benefit a great deal by utilizing some basic stress management tools.

It's not uncommon for overstressed people to either ignore or fail to recognize the signs that they're over-committed to their work. However, the physical and emotional consequences of working as hard and as fast as you can every day are serious, and include increased risk of a heart attack, decreased resistance to infections, anxiety and more.

Let’s focus now on some good news about effective stress management techniques?

Fortunately, the process of redesigning an overstressed life can be relatively straightforward, and includes a full assessment of stress-related activities in ones daily and weekly routine.

Stress management actions require an awareness that there is a problem to begin with and a personal commitment to identify and change the stress-related behavior.

Here are Ten Stress Management Tips you can use to reduce your workplace stress:

  1. Prioritize! Don't try to get everything done at the same time. Attack the most important items first.
  2. When you get interrupted by someone at work, put them on your schedule and tell them you'll get back to them at an agreed-upon time. Maintain ownership of your own time.
  3. Don't eat lunch at your desk, and don't bring work with you to lunch. Schedule some down time.
  4. Use deep-breathing exercises or relaxation techniques to de-stress during the day. Go for a 20 minute walk every day.
  5. Reduce the noise in your environment by shutting your office door if you have one. Take control of your environment.
  6. Don't keep things bottled up. Let co-workers know if something they're doing is causing you stress. Address things calmly and professionally.
  7. Eat right, sleep right and exercise regularly (with your doctor's permission).
  8. Try leaving the radio off in your car on the way home. Many people find that the quiet helps them unwind and is a basic stress management practice.
  9. When at home, don't dwell on work-related problems. Write them down, put them out of your mind and add them to your schedule the next day. Understand that there is a time and a place for everything.
  10. Use peers and associates as a sounding board for discussing work-related issues and minimize bringing issues into the family home.

Even if you're not feeling particularly stressed right now by your work life, these stress management ideas can help you continue to enjoy your work life to its fullest and protect you against future stresses.

Five Tips for starting an e-business

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Thinking of launching your existing business on the World Wide Web? Or, perhaps, finally pulling the trigger on your great idea for a web-based business? Either way, you better get busy because there just so happens to be an e-commerce revolution taking place while you're thinking about it.

But before you take the plunge into the new world of e-business, you'll need to do quite a bit of homework in order to ensure it's right for you and your company. Following are five things you'll want to consider before hanging your shingle out on the information superhighway.

1. Identify your customers/market. Knowledge of your e-business customers and assessment of their future needs will be your first priority and should correspond to your company's abilities, goals and marketing objectives. Ask yourself who are your potential customers? Where are the best places to reach potential customers? Determine what your customers want and need from your company and your products. Are they comfortable using computers and accessing the Internet? Does your product cater to any particular niche?

2. Evaluate your e-business readiness. Analyze your infrastructure and create a sound business plan. Get in touch with the local Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Development Center for assistance and information on tax laws, industry, business planning and patents. Determine how your company will handle the Internet-generated revenue. Do your homework regarding the international tax laws for each country that you will be active within commerce. Ask yourself, what method is most effective in getting the product to the customer? How will you insure payment?

3. Solidify your marketing messages. What message do you wish to portray to potential customers? What do you want your customers to feel when they hear your company name, see your web site and view your products? Brainstorm. Get some imaginative people involved, and then create your image. Create a marketing plan to promote your site and your products. Stay consistent with that message throughout every medium, whether it is traditional print, radio, web site banners, search engines or newsgroups.

4. Analyze your financial investments and return. Do your best to determine all costs ahead of time. The era of the single page web site has long since passed. Today even the most basic e-commerce web sites integrate a variety of scripts, databases and several tools that make processing transactions easy and secure. But add to this the cost of design, hosting and the purchase of additional software. Consider shipping costs if your product can't be sent through the Internet. Calculate your costs and investments to help determine your rate of return. A well-run e-business is worth the effort. Several costs are minimized or eliminated, such as printing, mailing and handling costs for paper catalogs. An e-commerce site will compliment your distribution channels by bringing in customers from previously untapped regions without the overhead expense of running a mail order business.

5. Determine the level of your e-commerce solution. Depending on the nature of your business, you can set up your storefront in a number of ways. The more involved your online store, the bigger the investment. But, the benefits that arise with a bigger online store are bigger as well.

Here are 3 examples:

The Content Only Approach: Think of this as an electronic brochure that publishes information about your company and products. It is easy to set up and maintain but lacks interaction, hence customers have to order offline.

The Dynamic Catalog Approach: Your online business is set up to operate 24x7 and fill orders over the web. With this approach you will have to incorporate a scalable e-commerce solution. This will allow you to further integrate it with your business model in the future, without placing extra burden on your operations.

The Total Integration Approach: Plan well in advance in terms of time and money. This solution will fully integrate your web site with all aspects of your business-payment systems, order fulfillment, inventory control and all of your traditional business functions. The end result is a web presence that truly is a cohesive extension of your company.

Regardless of the approach, it is important to select the plan that meets the needs of your e-business in the near term. As your business grows, any good service provider will grow along with you, offering an easy migration path to enhanced services and support.

After you have done your homework and selected the best e-commerce plan for your company, you?ll be on your way to joining the thousands of other e-businesses competing in the new world of business.

Verio (nasdaq: VRIO - news - people), based in Englewood, Colo., provides web-hosting and other Internet services.

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What Television’s First Woman President Has To Teach Us (Part 11)

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Many women naturally have high likeability factors and can ramp up their authority and not lose all their likeability.

I worked with a young woman in her twenties whose public relations career had derailed due to her poor presentation skills. When she stood up to present, she acted like a little girl, losing all credibility and authority.

I asked her to pretend she was a tough-talking member of a women’s motorcycle gang. “Spit out the words!” I demanded. As she did, her voice got louder and deeper.

By getting in touch with her anger, the timid, little girl was transformed into a powerful woman.
Her coworkers were impressed and their positive feedback helped her overcome her discomfort in acting out her authority. From then on, she remembered the “motorcycle mama” whenever she presented and reclaimed the authority she already possessed.

Along with attitude, stance, eye contact, pausing, and vocal quality signal authority. When they present, many women I coach assume a dancer’s pose with one toe pointed out at a ninety-degree angle. While this stance may be pretty and feminine, it holds no authority. I counsel both men and women to stand in their full power by placing their feet shoulder-width apart and equally distributing their weight.

The eyes have been called the “windows of the soul.” As such, they are one of our greatest assets in winning audiences. I coach executives to begin their presentations by standing in silence, finding a friendly face, establishing eye contact, taking a deep breath, and then beginning their talk. This simple tip helps speakers become grounded and start their presentations with authority.

Many presenters talk while moving their heads from person to person like a sprinkler system, or worse they lose all connection with their audience by staring at one person, the slide screen, or into space. I train presenters to pick one person and maintain steady eye contact with that person until they have delivered a complete thought.

Like intensive eye contact, pausing signals authority. I teach students that there is power in the pause and recommend that pauses be used to emphasize important points.

Thirty-eight percent of our power as a presenter is determined by vocal quality. To maximize vocal quality, I suggest that women consider:
1. Raising the volume and projecting their voice.
2. Lowering the pitch of their voice, if needed.
3. Avoiding letting the intonation rise at the end of a sentence, or what Jerry Seinfeld termed “up-talking.” Up-talkers often appear uncertain about what they are saying, thus losing all authority and credibility.

Stance, eye contact, pausing, and vocal quality enhance a businesswoman’s authority when she speaks, but nothing creates a more powerful impression than conviction. While many women have strong convictions, they often have a difficult time expressing them. Most women have a conversational style that strives to make others feel comfortable. To accomplish this, many women position their beliefs as opinions and use disclaimers before they speak, such as, “I may be wrong about this, but.…” While this conversational style is extremely effective in building consensus, it can undermine the authority of the speaker.

When women speak with absolute certainty, claiming their full authority, their likeability factor may decrease, but it is worth it if they are able to garner the respect and recognition they deserve.

What Television’s First Woman President Has To Teach Us (Part 1)

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By: Randy Siegel

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to Tuesday night’s new hit series “Commander and Chief.” Sure, Geena Davis is beautiful. She tall, regal, and has the best lips in the business after Angelia Jolie. But, television’s first woman president has captured my attention for another reason: I am fascinated with her communication style.

President Mackenzie Allen commands respect, and yet she is likeable. I would follow her lead and still enjoy throwing back a beer with her after a hard day of work in the White House.

Most women are damned-if-they-do and damned-if-they-don’t when it comes to communicating in the male-dominated worlds of politics, business, and education. In order to compete, they must find a delicate balance between authority and likeability.

All great communicators possess what I call “the terrific triad,” credibility, likeability, and authority. While many women want to claim their authority, they are concerned about appearing too domineering or abrasive, and thus losing likeability. “We are in a double bind,” one female executive shared.

To make matters worse, our culture associates authority with men. When we think of those traits we consider authoritative, we immediately think of tall, solidly built, and a lower pitched voice – all characteristics associated with men, not women.
In today’s world, women are expected to be both authoritative and feminine. “That’s very hard,” most women agree. In my experience as a communications trainer and coach, most women have to sacrifice some likeability for authority, and that is okay.

Women Who Dared to Invent

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As you sip your morning coffee you probably don’t give any thought as to how the actual process of coffee brewing came to be. If it wasn’t for a frustrated housewife in Dresden, Germany, you might have to brew your coffee by wrapping loose coffee grounds in a cloth bag and boil water around it. Suddenly you have a much better appreciation for Melitta Bentz’s invention.

Knowing there had to be a better way, she stuck some blotting paper in the bottom of a pot that she had poked holes in. Then she poured the water over it. This filtered out the bitter taste. It worked, and she started manufacturing her “coffemakers” and selling them at local fairs. They were a hit.

Other women felt the same frustration and started the invention process. Marion Donovan was a young mom who spent her days washing, bleaching and drying cloth baby diapers. She put together some padding and a show curtain and came up with a prototype. She took her product, “The Boater” around to manufacturers who all told her it would be too expensive to make and turned her down.

So she manufactured the product herself and sold them to department stores. Pretty soon the idea caught on. Moms went into the stores asking for the throwaway diaper. Mrs. Donovan sold her company for $1 million dollars and made moms around the world very happy.

Marie Curie was the only person to win two Nobel prizes. She was a scientist and an inventor. She invented a chemical process for extracting radioactive material from ore and she also discovered radium.

Anyone who has used a personal computer can thank Admiral Grace Murray Hopper for inventing the first computer compiler. The way software was written was changed. They no longer had to write time-consuming instructions for each new software package. She developed COBOL, which is the first user-friendly computer software program.

If you take your lunch to work in a brown paper bag you have Martha Knight to thank for it. She invented the machine that produced them. She was also the first woman to fight and win a patent suit after a man stole her design and put his name on it. He couldn’t imagine that a woman could create such a complex machine. She went on to invent several other machines and tools.

As more women are encouraged to invent, the list of women inventors grows. But still today less than 10% of patents belong to women. Necessity is truly the mother of invention.

Copyright (c) 2010 Julie Austin

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Desain Web Yang Minimalis

Desain web minimalis dapat diartikan sebagai desain web yang simpel, tidak terlalu banyak warna, dan mudah navigasinya. Web minimalis cenderung digemari karena web seperti ini biasanya mudah dimengerti dan mudah diakses. Seperti yang telah dibahas dalam artikel-artikel terdahulu, website yang memiliki terlalu banyak elemen dan link bisa membuat user bingung, terutama jika user tersebut tidak terlalu akrab dengan dunia internet; dan ini tentunya sangat mengganggu kenyamanan.

Web minimalis harus memiliki warna, tekstur, background dan elemen yang sederhana dengan tambahan satu atau dua objek besar sebagai titik fokus. Sehingga saat diakses, mata user akan cenderung mengarah pada satu atau dua titik itu saja. Web minimalis biasanya hanya memuat unsur-unsur yang dianggap penting, widget dan link-link tidak penting dan sekiranya tidak berfungsi lebih baik ditinggalkan. Tetapi dalam penghilangan elemen inipun juga harus harus hati-hati, jangan sampai website menjadi 'pincang' gara-gara kehilangan fitur pentingnya.

Warna kuat dan aksen unik pada objek tertentu bisa ditambahkan sebagai penguat fokus. Karena secara keseluruhan bersifat minimalis maka objek-objek yang akan dijadikan fokus tersebut harus dibuat seunik mungkin. Intinya, web tersebut tidak boleh kehilangan elemen artistik dan psikologisnya. Sekalipun tidak banyak mengandung objek didalamnya, web minimalis juga harus memenuhi prinsip-prinsip desain grafis, baik dari segi balance, alignment, hingga contrast-nya. Silahkan klik di sini jika ingin mempelajari lebih lanjut tentang prinsip-prinsip desain.

Web minimalis memang terlihat simpel, tapi bagi orang-orang yang tidak terbiasa akan sangat sulit menemukan bentuk dan layout yang minim tetapi manis, Tetapi web desain minimalis yang melupakan unsur-unsur artistik dan psikologisnya dapat membuat web tersebut terlihat membosankan, terkesan 'biasa', bahkan 'mati'

Sumber - gravisware.com

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Desain Baju Melalui Teknologi Maya

Sudah tidak aneh lagi jika anda membeli baju di toko atau di super market. dengan trobosan dan pesatnya teknologi anda bisa men desain baju dan memilih baju via internet atau secara online. selain anda bisa men desain baju anda juga dapat memilih warna dan model yang berbeda dengan yang lain.

Dimulai oleh sebuah perusahaan yang merancang dan men desain baju dan kemeja sendiri lewat internet. Nama websitenya ShirtsMyWay.com sebuah platform teknologi inovatif yang memungkinkan pengguna men desain baju lebih dari 7 trilyun kemeja pria yang berbeda dengan cara yang unik dan intuitif.

Pernyataan yang dikutip dari crunchgear.com, Situs ini sangat mudah penggunaannya, dalam men desain baju anda hanya memilih warna dan kain kemeja anda, kemudian penyesuaian opsional dalam men desain baju nya: warna kancing baju, lengan pendek atau panjang, kerah bagian dalam dan luar, saku dalam dan luar, kemudian anda dapat menambahkan monogram opsional. dan terakhir anda memilih ukuran yang sesuai dengan ukuran tubuh anda atau anda dapat memilih ukuran standar (XS, S, M, L , XL, XXL).

Proses Selanjutnya seteleh selesai tahap men desain baju nya anda tinggal membayar melalui sistem _disibledevent="on">Indonesia untuk mendesain kaos, topi, sepatu, sprei atau produk yang sesuai dengan keinginan dan selera konsumen.

Sumber: didno76.blogspot.com

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Jenis Kartu Undangan Daur Ulang

Kartu undangan pernikahan “natural” di sini mengandung arti “kembali ke alam.” Tema “Go Green” memang sedang menjadi trend saat ini, tidak hanya diterapkan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, tapi juga pesta pernikahan. Sebagai salah satu bentuk kepedulian Anda terhadap lingkungan, tidak ada salahnya memasukan tema natural dalam pernikahan.

Terdapat tiga jenis kartu undangan pernikahan natural yang akan Belle bahas. Pertama, tema yang mengangkat warna alam. Misalnya, hijau, coklat, biru dan warna yang mencerminkan alam lainnya.

Kedua, kartu undangan pernikahan yang mengandung unsur-unsur alam, seperti dedaunan, pohon, bunga, atau burung. Bukan dedaunan,bunga atau pepohonan asli tentunya. Namun kartu yang dihias dengan gambar-gambar daun, pohon, burung dan unsur alam lainnya.

Jika Anda menyukai bentuk dedaunan atau bunga-bungaan atau mungkin burung, bisa juga Anda memasukan unsur ini ke pernak-pernik pernikahan lainnya. Misalnya, dekorasi pernikahan, kue pengantin, aksesoris rambut dan lainnya. Konsultasikan hal ini dengan wedding planner Anda agar tema pernikahan Anda dibuat sama dengan kartu undangan pernikahan.

Ketiga, kartu undangan pernikahan berbahan dasar kertas daur ulang. Untuk yang satu ini, kepedulian Anda terhadap pelestarian lingkungan dan mendukung “Go Green” akan sangat terlihat. Dengan mengenakan kertas daur ulang ini diharapkan tidak banyak pohon yang “dikorbankan” untuk kepentingan kartu undangan Anda. Semoga dengan kepedulian Anda terhadap “Go Green”, salah satunya dengan membuat kartu undangan pernikahan “natural” ini, dapat membantu kelestarian lingkungan di muka bumi.

Sumber – berbagai sumber

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6 Model Kebaya Encim

Kebaya encim, yaitu kebaya dengan bordiran di krah dan lengannya dan biasanya warnanya putih. Kebaya encim pada saat ini tidak hanya dikenakan dengan kain batik tetapi untuk beberapa yang suka bergaya modis kebaya encim akan cantik di padu dengan celana panjang atau celana jeans. Dan berikut modelnya :

1. Model kebaya encim kuno bahan voile dan berbordir itik dan burung dalam warna broken white untuk dalaman. Padankan dengan kain batik pekalongan.

2. Kebaya encim kuno berbahan voile, berbordir bunga matahari. Tambahan sarung batik motif flora, membuat tampilan sangat natural.

3. Kebaya encim kuno dengan border bunga – bunga melati,padanannya batik pesisir.

4. Potongan kebaya panjang modern, adaptasi dari kebaya Jawa.

5. Kebaya panjang dengan potongan modern, berbordir kroncong bunga mawar, berdetail pita – pita di bagian depan.

6. Kebaya modern gaya beskap. Kebaya modern ini diberi sentuhan bordir kroncong yang cantik, dikombinasikan dengan warna gold.

Sumber - tabloidnova.com

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3 Teknik Dasar Dalam Web Design

Sebagai web desainer, tentunya Anda harus tahu dahulu teknik-teknik dasar dalam mendesain suatu website. Berbagai macam web design yang tentunya menarik, cantik, apik dan lain sebagainya dibuat berdasarkan 3 (tiga) teori dibawah ini yaitu :

* Teknik disain es (ice design technic)

* Teknik disain air (water design technic)

* Teknik disain jelly (jelly design technic)

1.) Teknik desain es

Dari namanya "es" berarti adalah suatu zat beku yang solid dan telah dibentuk sesuai dengan keinginan pembuatnya. Dalam dunia web, ini berarti desain tampilan homepage atau website Anda sifatnya adalah fixed sized. Artinya adalah ukuran elemen-elemen webnya telah ditetapkan oleh web desainernya

2.) Teknik desain air

Ibaratnya suatu zat cair akan berubah bentuk sesuai dengan wadahnya. Dalam web ini berarti desain website Anda akan bersifat fleksibel sekali. Contoh teknik ini adalah ditandai dengan penggunaan angka persentase pada sebagian elemen tag website Anda

3.) Teknik desain jelly

Teknik ini adalah gabungan dari kedua teknik diatas, air dan es. Jelly adalah sebuah substansi yang tidak bisa dibilang cair atau dibilang padat. Jika Anda pernah menemui produk makanan jelly ini dipasaran Anda akan melihat bahwa jelly ini kelihatan unik sekali baik bentuk ataupun rasa. Untuk teknik jelly Anda harus butuh tenaga ekstra karena kelebihan dikedua teknik di atas digabung menjadi satu dan kelemahannya juga digabung tetapi hasilnya akan luar biasa sekali bagusnya.

Sumber - tongkonanku.blogspot.com

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Life Success: The Difference Between Values and Goals

Employment, Accounting, Banking

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By: Marsha Egan

Whether you believe it or not we are all governed by values. Our values influence how we make decisions and effectively run our lives. Values can be instilled in us or we can choose to adopt them. Our values can change. The important thing to know is that when we have strong values, and positive values, they will be integral to our achieving what we want in this life.

Values are not goals. Goals are targets. Values are the base upon which we run our lives.

Values are how you see the world, what you see as important, what you believe.

Why are we talking about values? Because they form the base for your approach to life! Values are the bedrock of your walking the path of life. They support and drive your purpose.

When coaching clients, one of the actions that we take is to have the client articulate what his or her values are. By writing them down, it is a way to keep our values present in our lives.

Here are a few ways to go about clarifying your values:

  1. Imagine you have a day to spend any way you want. What would you do? Some of the answers will give you clarity on what some of your values are.
  2. Think about your sense of right and wrong. As you articulate what is right, you will become more clear on your values.
  3. Consider what excites you and what motivates you. These will give you clues to values, as well.
  4. Ponder about the actions that can add stability to your life. This will open up thought on what those values might be

When you write down your values, it is important to write them in the present tense. As an example, you might write one of your values as "I am financially stable" rather than "I will be financially stable."

A great way to do all this, is to use index cards or sticky notes, because you may find that you will have many things written down. Most likely, they will work their way into natural groupings. Some people like to set a few overriding values, with supporting values.

To use the example above, an overall value could be "I am financially stable". You might have several supporting values to this statement such as, "I pay all my bills before the due date." "I review my insurance annually, " "I save x percent of my income."

Here are some areas where you might wish to state your values:

  • - family
  • - education
  • - morals
  • - community
  • - career
  • - friendships
  • - health
  • - finances
  • - recreation

While this may appear to be making more work than is necessary, it's interesting to see how, by being clear on what your values are, they can influence your actions.

In a personal example, one of my values is "I explore when I travel." On a recent speaking engagement in Oklahoma City, when I arrived at my hotel room, despite the fact that I was tired, I asked how far the Oklahoma Memorial was. When I found out it was only six blocks, I walked there, and was extremely glad that I did. It was a memorial to experience. I doubt that I would have done that, if I had not "lived" this value.

So, I urge you to take a little bit of time to become clear on what your values are. They are already there, most likely you just haven't put them to paper. It's nice to live them, and it's even nicer to pass them on to those who follow you.

Marsha Egan, CPCU, PCC is CEO of The Egan Group, Inc., a Reading, PA based professional coaching firm. She is a certified executive coach and professional speaker, specializing in leadership development and can be reached at marsha@marshaegan.com or visit www.marshaegan.com .

The Executive Summary is Your Business Plan's First Impression

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By: Corey Landis

The executive summary is not a mini version of the entire business plan. Keep it brief, two to three pages long. The purpose of the executive summary is to entice the reader to review, or request to review, the entire business plan. While the executive summary is presented first, it is written after the entire plan has been completed. It should not contain any information that cannot be found elsewhere in the business plan. Don't write the executive summary first, with the idea you can always expand it later into a full blown business plan, that just doesn't work.

If your business plan will not be presented for investors or bankers you don't need to complete the executive summary.
A brief two to three page overview of the company with one or two paragraphs under each of the following headings:

  • Business Activity: The company's products or services.
  • Market Opportunity: Define the company's market base, the customers, where they are located. Number of customers or dollar size of market.
  • Business Profile: A very brief description of when the company was established, by whom, number of employees, any recent changes.
  • Competitive Factors: The competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Marketing Strategy: The company's marketing: advertising, promotions, methods of distribution, and sales force.
  • Management Team: Brief description of senior management.
  • Capital Required: Amount, uses and type of the capital requested.
  • Financial Summary: Brief summary of the financial performance of the company for the last three to five years, if available and what is projected for the next three to five years.

Some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make in their executive summary include forgetting to put their contact information, name and phone number on each page. Not including the amount of your capital request. Not clearly articulating what business the company is in. Losing the reader in technical jargon. Some entrepreneurs think shorter is better but a one page executive summary isn't long enough to entice the reader. Most entrepreneurs have the intention to keep to no more than 3 pages but keep adding "just one more thing," until the summary is 10 or more pages long. Additional mistakes include forgetting to discuss the accomplishments of the management team. Not clearly stating who the customers (market) are. Not including the marketing strategies. And finally not including any financial projections.
If you want to know how to write a business plan you need to know what's included in the executive summary.

Small Business Ideas In Tough Economic Times

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By: Dave Johnshon

The global population of those laid off, unemployed or otherwise searching for ways to make ends meet, has caused a widespread interest in exploring business ideas. It is no longer just women who aim to work at home and tend to the home front. Everywhere, people give consideration to how to earn a living.

An employer may unexpectedly fall short of revenue, and promptly serve notice to employees that their services are no longer needed. The media regularly depict the economic woes of millions who find themselves at a loss for income. The poor economy, while seemingly harsh and unsympathetic, may also provide impetus for people to exercise entrepreneurial reactions. When times are good, people may feel free to dabble with ways to enhance income.

In times when the economy is down and out, this may launch incredible spirited efforts to make business dreams come true. Photography buffs, for example, may decide that now is the time to make that photography hobby pay off.
There are at least half a dozen reputable companies, including publishing market industry dynamos, who are offering do it yourself publishing. People enjoy picture taking and picture browsing. It can be to your advantage to consider merging book publishing with photography interests. A collection of photos can be compiled into a book format.

To make your photography book stand out, a person can develop a theme. When you go to major book publishing portals and conduct market research, you can begin to separate fruitless efforts from proven ones. Which books are doing well, along with titles, can easily be seen online through major book vendor sites. You would then migrate the book concepts, table of contents and titles, along with keywords to your photo project. You would then revise these contents to make them uniquely yours. Perhaps bestsellers include books of children or animals. Perhaps there is inspiring text or some other type of text for readers.

A person can upload images to a custom book site provider to initiate the publishing process. Images can be obtained from a number of sources. Stock photography websites, images in the public domain, or pictures you take yourself.

To find suitable text to pair with images, a person can conduct online research using the many sites offering a variety of quotes. A person can also rewrite inspirational sayings found online.

Some book publishing sites allow you to also sell your books through their site. The publisher may allow you to set your own prices and see upfront what your earnings may be. Some publishers offer different methods of publishing. Electronic or print custom books are often available. The terms and conditions will vary. For instance, commission may be better using one method, but payment time may be worse. A publishing service will often allow you to buy your own books, potentially discounted in cost. This option might be the most economical. In which case you can stock your books and set up your own website with cross marketing through the publisher site. You can take your books to local merchants, such as coffee shops, for resell, or sell them direct at community events. You could send local periodicals complimentary review copies. To get the word out about your book, there are a variety of online do it yourself public relations sites that will walk you through and distribute your press release free or at nominal cost. Among business ideas, photography books, can be an immediate venture. When you pair books with other products or concepts such as care packages for hospital patients, commuter markets, you can expand business opportunities.

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Batik Tasik Yang Kian Tersisih

Memasuki milenium baru, industri batik kembali menggeliat. Puncak-puncaknya tahun 2005 saat demam batik melanda pelosok negeri. Batik Tasik tak pelak mendapat imbas positif. Perajin batik mulai bermunculan lagi. Peran pemerintah setempat diakui Enok besar pengaruhnya, “Pemerintah Tasik misalnya, menghimbau PNS dan pegawai BUMN untuk memakai baju batik tasik pada hari tertentu sekaligus memberi daftar semua perajin batik di Tasikmalaya. Kebijakan seperti itu sangat membantu kami para perajin batik.”

Beragam corak khas batik tasik disatukan dalam selembar kain agar lestari. Membuat pakaian jadi juga jadi strategi menarik minat pasar yang lebih luas

Bisa dibilang, tak banyak perajin batik Tasikmalaya yang bertahan sejak tahun 70-an hingga sekarang. Agnesa Batik di jalan Ciroyom, Kota Tasikmalaya, adalah satu dari yang sedikit itu. Meski mengalami beberapa kali pasang surut, H. Cucu (55), pendiri Agnesa Batik Tasikmalaya dan Hj. Enok (51), sang istri, memilih untuk mempertahankan usaha batik yang didirikan pada 1970 tersebut.

Enok berkisah, batik Tasik pernah mengalami masa kejayaan di tahun 60-an hingga 70-an. Namun, industri batik juga sempat mengalami gonjang-ganjing saat kisruh politik beberapa kali melanda negeri. Munculnya teknologi baru yang melahirkan tekstil bermotif batik buatan mesin juga sempat mengancam kelangsungan hidup batik tradisional.

Untuk dapat tetap bersaing di saat batik kembali diburu, Enok bercerita, ia harus berani mengembangkan corak batik agar lebih bervariasi. “Saya mencari tumbuh-tumbuhan asli Tasik yang punya corak menarik, saya foto lalu saya buat capnya. Pokoknya tidak melenceng dari akar batik tasik yang menonjolkan motif flora dan fauna

Menanggapi ancaman tekstil bermotif batik buatan Cina yang mulai menggempur pasar dalam negeri,Enok tak khawatir. “Pencinta batik yang paham pasti akan mencari batik yang asli.” Enok juga membagi tips agar konsumen tidak diperdaya dengan batik ‘palsu’. “Lebih baik beli di toko batik yang ada workshop- nya. Supaya tidak salah membeli dan sekaligus bisa melihat proses pembuatannya.”

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Desain Yang Cukup Sederhana Dan Elegan Pada Kartu Undangan

Daya tarik kartu undangan perkawinan sebagai pencuri perhatian para tamu yang akan Anda undang dapat dihadirkan melalui kreasi yang sederhana namun enak untuk dilihat. Untuk membuatnya semakin istimewa, Anda dapat tambahkan beragam karakter melalui aplikasi detail dengan sentuhan dekoratif.

Jika Anda menginginkan kesan mewah pada kartu undangan pernikahan Anda, teknik cetak timbul bisa patut Anda pertimbangkan. Cetak timbul yang menampilkan serangkaian kata, gambar ataupun motif corak akan membuat kartu undangan lebih elegan untuk dilihat. Tidak hanya kartu undangan saja yang harus diperhatikan, tetapi juga termasuk amplop sebagai pengemas kartu undangan tersebut, dan akan lebih elegan lagi jika souvenir dan kartu ucapan terima kasihnya pun disenadakan dengan desain kartu undangan itu sendiri. Anda pun bisa menambahkan foto bersama pasangan dengan warna-warna yang dominan untuk menampilkan kesan personal.

Kreasi sederhana pada desain undangan ini memberikan beberapa keuntungan pada Anda terutama jika harga merupakan dasar pertimbangan bagi Anda. Dengan harga yang relatif murah Anda bisa mendapatkan kartu undangan yang bagus sehinggga anggarannya pun bisa dialihkan ke post yang lainnya.

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Kebaya Pengantin Daru Berbagai Etnis

Detail lipit dan anyaman sudah menjadi ciri khas gaun rancangan Harry Ibrahim. Begitupun dengan sejumlah gaun malam dan pengantin yang ditampilkan oleh perancang asal Bandung ini di ajang pameran pernikahanDalam rancangan gaun pengantinnya, Harry memainkan lipit yang bertumpuk-tumpuk itu, sehingga membentuk siluet tubuh putri duyung. Kemudian ia mengkombinasikan gaun itu dengan aksen mengembang atau berbentuk balon pada bagian dada atau bagian bawah.

Panggungnya berciri musim gugur dengan guguran daun serta bunga sakura, dan bertumpuk. Tema panggung ini memang tidak selalu cocok dengan presentasi dari para perancang. Misalnya saja untuk busana-busana pengantin berwujud kebaya. Namun kebaya pengantin yang lekat dengan gaya etnis Jawa ini di tangan Ferry Sunarto dan Hengky Kawilarang tereksplorasi menjadi gaun pengantin yang modern.

Hengky mengatakan eksplorasi kebayanya bisa dipakai oleh etnis mana pun, seperti Melayu, Kalimantan, Cina, dan Papua. "Roknya bisa diganti dengan kain apa pun," katanya. Ia memang menginginkan kebaya tampil lebih modern, tidak murni tradisional.Hengky, yang mengusung tema "Romantic Garden", ingin mengembangkan detail yang modern dan sederhana. Ia menghindari bentuk-bentuk yang umum, seperti lebar pada bagian bawahnya atau berbentuk balon, yang menurut dia terlalu berat.

Hengky mengaku tahu bahwa setiap perempuan punya karakter dan impiannya masing-masing tentang gaun pengantin. Tapi, bagi dia, wanita yang cantik adalah mereka yang tampil dengan tak berlebihan, yakni tidak menyatukan beberapa tema sekaligus

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Nurture Your Future Leaders

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By: Gen Wright

They are the fast-rising and upcoming superstars of the organization. Young and talented, these entry level managers have excelled in their academic years and are looking to duplicate their success in a working environment.

On a smaller scale, they have already shown what they can do. Now, they are in search of more challenges. It is time for them to take bigger risks and make things happen. As your newest batch of managers, they are ready to rumble!

Connect them to the organization

Use the organization's core values to connect with upcoming superstars of the organization.

On their first day, pick a respectable senior leader in the organization to inspire them with a short talk on the importance of core values. Let the senior leader tell them stories of his or her past experiences to illustrate how the company's core values have guided him/her to success. The aim is to let new young managers understand that as leaders, they represent the core values of the organization. This gives them a connection to the identity of the organization - an alignment of their personal values with the organization's core values.

Allow new young managers to cross-train for a short period of time (4-6 weeks) with teams led by more senior and experienced managers who consistently demonstrate a high regard for what the organization believes in. This way, new young managers get to fully understand the meaning of the organization's core values as it is being practiced on a regular basis.

As an extended practice, new young managers can be given responsibility for values orientation among newly recruited people across the organization. This will give them a greater sense of accountability.

Develop their Emotional Quotient

Although high IQ levels count, let them know that developing their EQ is as critical as mastery of their chosen profession. Workers value a leader's abilities to control their emotions such as anger, to withstand difficult events and stressful situations, to be fulfilled with what life can give, and to be a cooperative member of the team.

As early as possible, let your young superstars participate in a leadership development program that includes topics such as enhancing self-awareness and self-reflection skills.

Encourage them to practice and seek on-going feedback from co-workers to identify and monitor inappropriate emotional behaviour. This will help young managers learn how to control their responses and quickly recover from any setbacks. Developing their EQ is an investment that will reap rewards in the area of relationships and personal growth once they assume more senior leadership roles.

Keep them Interested

Your new young managers will definitely find it exciting if their job descriptions say: implement change, multi-task, and solve problems. Multiple tasks and challenges are never a problem.

Gradually increase their responsibilities as they show capability to keep them challenged and interested with what they are doing. Give them regular feedback about their past six months' performance and update them about what's going to happen next.

New young managers are particular about structure - a clear hierarchy in the organizational chart, a well-defined scope of work, and an outline of their career path is critical if you wish to motivate them.

Special projects are also a welcome responsibility particularly if the assignment is related to the latest in communication technology or social networking. Encourage new young managers to strengthen informal bonds and create solid teamwork by setting up a networking system that allows them to communicate and collaborate.

Give them a life

Work-life balance is a must for long-term career growth. Managers of this generation lead multi-activity lives. They work hard but they also value time for sports, adventure, and recreation with family and friends.

Create fun and let friendship bonds be formed across various teams in the workplace through lunch break celebrations and socials in the office.

Encourage young managers to join clubs or teams that promote wellness or any team sport that they are interested in.

Allow them to spend enough time with their families on weekends to re-charge and re-energize their week.

New young managers are not threatened by job security or big pay checks. They want to learn from their senior leaders, be successful with their teams, and earn the respect of the whole organization. Nurture them early to create well-balanced individuals who will surely be productive as professionals and as respectable leaders in the organization for a long time.

Mel Mendoza is a virtual assistant for whatdoyouwantfromthem.com - an informal network for managers. Create a private social network for your management recruits.

Article Source: http://www.leadershiparticles.net

Baju Astronot Yang Anti Kotor Selama Seminggu

Kalau ada diantara kamu yang becita-cita menjadi asronot, maka kamu harus rajin belajar matematka dan fisika. Selain itu, kamu juga harus belajar hidup jorok. Lha kok?? Iya.. Jika kamu bercita-cita menjadi astronot, maka kamu harus bersiap-siap ganti baju paling sering 3 hari sekali. Bahkan, saat ini ada “kolor” untuk astronot yang mampu menahan bau sampai seminggu.

Adalah Koichi Wakata, seorang astronot Jepang yang beruntung menjadi model kolor baru ini. Wakata sendiri saat ini telah berada di stasiun luar angkasa internasional (IIS-International Space Station). Dengan desain Baju barunya, wakata bisa menunda ganti baju sampai seminggu. sebelumnya, baju yang dipakai oleh para astronot di IIS hanya mampu bertahan sampai tiga hari saja.

Baju luar angkasa dan kolornya ini dibuat dari bahan fiber ini mampu menyerap bau yang dikeluarkan oleh tubuh. Celana dalam yang ada dalam paket “lingery” ini juga di klaim tahan api. Nah lo..

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Leadership Training Tip - Use Momentum

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By: Lee Coates

Don't let past glories slow you down. True leaders have new objectives waiting in the wings that they immediately begin to pursue, the moment the present objective is complete. It's the momentum that keeps you moving forward. Keep the energy high or things can change from good to bad. Its momentum that ensures that your team maintains their enthusiasm and remains in motion

You are going to need discipline, drive and determination to be a true leader. The price that one pays for mastery is discipline. You can't have success without it. Every day you need to devote yourself to the perfection of the path you have chosen to peruse. By doing this you will achieve self mastery. Achieve self mastery and you will have developed the essence of a great leader. Discipline is about developing powerful habits and at one point those habits will become your identity.

If you have the discipline you will keep moving forward. Keep moving forward to provide growth for you and your team in character, in strengths and virtues.

Albeit Einstein said that compound interest was the most powerful force in our society. Discipline and perseverance are a lot like the principle of compound interest - The more committed you are towards your objectives, the greater the momentum you will build. In the beginning your progress may seam small, but as one success gets stacked upon another, the momentum you generate will make you a force to be reckoned with.

The opposite result is to decay over time.

Always know - What is your new objective?

Always be a leader.

If you're not sure - Act like a leader and support others like a leader.

"What really makes greatness is white hot action around red hot ideas. A genius idea alone has zero value" - Robin Sharma

Even before the end of your current task you should be asking.

What is my new objective?

This has been the tenth and last article about a special kind of leadership. I call it leadership without a title, because I firmly believe that anyone can be a leader in anything they choose to do. These ten action steps that have been presented allow anyone to step up and lead. These action steps apply to any sized task, the most common tasks that take mere minutes to complete, to ones that can last months. If you apply these steps to everything you do I know you will stand out head and shoulders above 90% of all those around you.

It's strange that when you research the topic of leadership that there is no one clear definition of leadership. Leadership is a very broad concept and there are many different types of leadership. There are a number of words that describe the qualities that many leaders possess and as you follow the ten steps I have given you, I believe that many of these qualities you too can't help but possess. Here are the qualities that many of the world's top leaders possess - believers, listeners, kindness, kindness, disciplined, imagination, excellence, determined, enthusiastic, responsible, humility, influential, vision, they reinforce core values, attitude of ownership, refuse to lose attitude, great habits, mental toughness, understand emotions, pro-active, love, focus, action orientated, persistent, patient, integrity, passionate, creative, flexible, compassionate, confident, calm, optimistic, assertive, courageous, decisive, accountable, to list just some. Is it any wonder that delership is defined in so many different ways by different people.

Keep practicing leadership in every little task you perform and many of these qualities will be yours to enjoy.

Lee Coates - internet entrepreneur, coach and trainer InfoAbounds.com is my blog for more articles about wealth, health, personal development and of course internet marketing. We teach internet marketing to anyone with an existing business, existing product or we can provide a complete internet marketing system for newbie's. We can help you. Check us out. BecauseItsTheBestHomeBusiness.com

Article Source: http://www.leadershiparticles.net

How to Be Successful in Project Management and Leadership

By: David Shoemaker

It is not always easy to develop effective leadership in project management, but it can be done. It takes a certain drive, a lot of focus, powerful motivation, and a detailed plan. Project management and leadership courses can do two things: help you become ready to lead a team by studying your own management style and learning where your weaknesses and strengths lie in order to make yourself a better leader. They also teach you what to do to create and execute a useful project management plan. Remember that a goal without a plan is simply a dream. After completing training for leadership in project management, you should feel confident in five areas:

  • Identify leadership strengths and weaknesses in the context of your own career, through feedback from colleagues and through self-assessment
  • Explaining the role of colleagues, mentors, and your various networks in achieving your goal
  • Explaining why it may be difficult to alter your preferences, even if making a change is the way to realize your goal
  • Creating and executing a development plan
  • Applying what you have learned to your management of projects and tasks

As a leader, you have a wealth of opportunities at your fingertips to continue to develop your leadership abilities. As you shape your development plan, think about where you need to review your current practices and acquire new skills. Second, evaluate the roles of those around you: how can they be part of your successful development?

What is the best way to plan for your successful development as a leader? Surprisingly, only 15% to 20% of people who study leadership in project management and create development plans in a seminar actually accomplish their end goals. Many discover that following through is difficult, for various reasons. It can be difficult to make changes to your predetermined leadership practices and many people need an effective support network. Trying to make changes to your habits is even harder within a busy work environment. Sometimes you can see good initial progress, but it's all too easy to fall back into old patterns.

Again, it is critical to utilize your colleagues, your network, and your mentor as much as you can to continue to learn and improve throughout your career. Take their support into consideration as you develop your leadership in project management.

Project management and leadership can be a difficult skill to master, especially because it is hard to continue to sustain a changed behavior. Change is much easier at first - you must work at it to keep up your new practices. One way to achieve this is to build up your support network in the workplace. Talk to people you trust about the changes you're trying to make; solicit their feedback. This is an important part of a successful development plan.

At the end of a project management and leadership course, you should have a more thorough understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses and you will understand the performance system that is being used inside your organization. Finally, you will develop a plan using this new information and insight. You will learn to make yourself as effective as possible. You will then understand the importance of getting ongoing feedback as you implement your plan. It is only by talking with other people and getting feedback from them that you can achieve the calibration that you will need in order to be successful in leadership in project management.

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Mencari Inspirasi Dalam Membangun Rumah Minimalis

Di era modern ini rumah bergendre minimalis merupakan pilihan utama. Saat ini orang membuat rumah yang terbaru selalu memikirkan konsep yang tampak sederhana tapi terlihat sangat modern. Selain enak dipandang, juga penampatan benda2 akan semakin mudah. Nah bintang rasa trend ini akan berlanjut dari tahun 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 atau bahkan mungkin 2013

Berikut ini gambar rumah minimalis yang bagus. Yang mungkin bisa menjadi inspirasi dalam membuat konsep rumah minimalis nantinya. Yang perlu diingat selain ditunjukkan sebagai tempat keluarga nantinya, rumah minimalis harus terbaru anda nantinya bisa dijadikan imaginasi tentang bagaimana orang memandangnya.

Gaya Rumah yang memiliki konsep sederhana dan rumah minimalis tentu dengan kepribadian anda dan sekeluarga. Dapat membuat hati nyaman saat meninggalinya bukan?

Langsung saja dibawah ini adalah kumpulan gambar rumah minimalis yang tentu saja memiliki design yang sangat modern. Silahkan dilihat untuk dijadikan bagaimana bentuk rumah anda nantinya :

Para hewan merasa betah dengan perpaduan antara kayu dan cermin pada rumah minimalis modern ini

Sedangkan yang ini karena garasinya terletak dibawah, entah kenapa kalau punya garasi rumah berada dibawah seperti sesuatu

Kotak-kotak pada gambar rumah modern diatas benar-benar terpadu secara sempurna. Coba bandingkan dengan rumah-rumah sebelahnya yang tidak minimalis

Desain rumah minimalis ini berada di tengah pepohonan, mungkin bukan konsep yang up to date. Tapi sangat suka sekali melihatnya, terlihat rumah ini sangat nyaman dan tentram

Gambar diatas ini benar-benar sangat modern dan terlihat sangat padu antara satu sisi dengan sisi yang lain. Kita bisa melihat konsep rumah ini sama seperti gambar yang lebih atas, diantara pepohongan

Lihat Rumah diatas benar-benar terlihat sangat modern dan minimalis

Sumber: blogbintang.com

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Variasi Dalam Model Batik

Batik sudah dipatenkan menjadi salah satu warisan budaya Indonesia. aneka Model Baju batik pun mulai berinovasi bahkan untuk model baju batik tidak selalu pada baju sebagai objeknya. melalaui kreativitas model baju batik telah berkembang pada batik jacket,baik celana, kaos bahkan tas laptop

Jika melihat kebelakan Di Indonesia sendiri sebutan untuk kota batik adalah Kabupaten Pekalongan. Namun selain Kabupaten Pekalongan, model baju batik pun dikenal di beberapa wilayah di Indonesia dengan corak atau motif yang berbeda atau khas tentunya. Salah satu wilayah yang terkenal akan batiknya adalah Yogyakarta. Jika batik-batik Pekalongan memiliki warna-warna yang lebih variatif, lain halnya dengan Yogyakarta yang memiliki warna seputar hitam, putih, dan cokelat.

Aneka macam model baju batik yang biasa kita temui di pasaran pun beraneka ragam, seperti kain batik original, jarik, dan kemeja. Selain itu, inovasi produksi batik pun semakin beragam. Kita bisa menemui sprei batik, dan kaos batik. Dan kini dengan perkembangan teknologi yang semakin maju, Anda bisa mendapatkan bermacam-macam kaos batik, sprei batik, kaos dengan motif pesan moral yang unik dan menarik,

sumber: bisnisukm.com

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Model Baju Terbaru "Keong Racun" Diminati

Wabah "keong racun" sepertinya tidak hanya terjadi di dunia maya. Di "dunia nyata", kostum "keong racun" menjadi model baju terbaru dan tren fashion terkini. "Keong racun" merujuk pada video duet lipsync Shinta dan Jojo, mahasiswa asal Bandung, di situs You Tube. model Baju yang dikenakan keduanya saat tampil di sejumlah acara ditiru untuk diperdagangkan.

"Ini bajunya model 'keong racun', yang sering dipakai Shinta-Jojo saat nyanyi," tutur Ria (19), penjaga toko di Depok Town Square, Depok, Jawa Barat, Minggu (5/9/2010). Menurutnya, baju dengan sebutan "keong racun" tersebut banyak diminati masyarakat, terutama kaum remaja.

Potongan baju berbahan katun dengan bagian tangan melebar seperti kelelawar ini menjadi tren seiring meroketnya popularitas duo Sinta-Jojo. "Saya suka karena motif dan modelnya bagus," kata Giani (18), salah seorang pengunjung Depok Town Square, Minggu,

Tingginya minat masyarakat membuat deretan toko di pusat perbelanjaan Depok Town Square memajang baju model ini. "Penjualannya tinggi, dalam sehari bisa terjual lebih dari sepuluh lusin," terang Ria, salah seorang pedagang.

Baju model "keong racun" dijual mulai dari harga Rp 35.000 hingga Rp 80.000. Perbedaan harga disebabkan karena adanya perbedaan kualitas bahan. "Untuk bahan seperti parasut yang licin dan mengilap dijual paling murah, sedangkan yang berbahan katun dijual dengan harga tinggi," terang Ria.


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Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Considering a Career Change-Should You Stay in Your Current Job?

By: Catherine Trebble

When it comes to considering a change in jobs or careers, there is nothing wrong with staying where you are, as there are many reasons that a job or career change might not be right for you, at least not right now.

There are many outside factors that can cause you to have to stay where you are right now, even if you are unhappy. One reason could be the timing. It could be that you need to get your finances in order first, you need the medical benefits your current job provides and you can't afford to risk losing those benefits for whatever reason, or perhaps you just need more time to get other aspects of your life in order before you think about making a change.

If you have felt unhappy with your job, it could be that you figured out it is due to something or someone in particular and not what you do for a living. Perhaps you feel you are just bored and would like to take on more responsibility. Maybe you have determined that you need more education so that you can transfer into a higher position within the company you are in.

If you have decided you want to work on getting a certain issue resolved instead of leaving your current job, a written plan of action can help motivate you to take the necessary action. If you work for a company, it is very likely that with some discussion with your supervisor or upper management, you can eliminate or minimize the source of your unhappiness. As you will see from the following chapter, a written plan can be beneficial to you no matter what changes you want to make in job or life.

If you find yourself wanting to stay where you are but know you need to make some changes, take the time to brainstorm the various options available to you. This will help you to know how to approach whatever issue it is that needs changing and create a plan of action.

But what if you aren't happy with your job but have to stay where you are for now? Even in a situation such as this, there are still certain steps you can take to make things better for yourself. Although there are many things that you feel are out of your control, we can control our own behavior. So if there is something about your job that you can't fix, look to yourself and see if there is a way you can adjust your own feelings or reactions so that you don't feel your usual negative feelings. Sometimes we can make ourselves feel a whole lot better with just a simple attitude adjustment.

It is also important to give your best. Just because you are unhappy with your current job doesn't mean you should slack off and act like a miserable employee. Instead, take time to think about what you could do better. How can you improve? The simple act of doing your best and applying yourself to everything you do can be very uplifting-really!

When you know you have done a great job at something and are giving your all, it will create a sense of pride within yourself and help you to feel better about yourself. Focusing on what you can do better will also help keep you from thinking about the things you are not happy about at your job.

And of course there's nothing to stop you from continuing to make plans for the future. Just because you have to stay in your current job for now doesn't mean you can't plan to leave at some later time. Creating an exit plan for later on down the line when the timing is better for you will not only keep you motivated and give you something to look forward to, it will keep your mind busy and give you something more positive to think about. It will also give you something to do, even if it's just typing up your plan and creating goals that you will carry out at a later date.

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Career Change For Over 40's

By: Catherine Trebble

Getting back into the workforce or changing careers after the age of 40 can be tricky, especially in this economy, but there is a great deal you can do to improve your chances.

As populations in the developed world are growing older and many countries are experiencing a crisis in the pension system, we are facing the prospect of having to work past the usual retirement age. Yet, at the same time, older people are not always welcomed back into the work force. Many also have difficulty finding a new job if they have an unbroken track record and are simply looking for a change in career after the age of 40.

There are a number of steps you can take to maximize your chances of getting a job, despite the negative views regarding age on the part of some employers.
When writing your CV or résumé, be sure to target it for the job in question. You can do this by highlighting all the skills and experience which are needed for the job and then proving that you have got them.

It is not necessary to put personal information on your résumé - in many countries it is illegal to ask about age so don't feel you have to volunteer your age on your résumé. You should either leave out your date of birth completely or put it at the end. Do not mention your marital status or the number of children you have or their ages. This is not relevant to the job!

The fact that you are older means that you have valuable experience in many areas and you need to make good use of this in your application. Don't worry if you are returning to work after bringing up children - soft skills, such as communication, time management and the ability to meet deadlines are crucial in the workplace today and all of those will be skills you have developed in the intervening years. So take a good look at all the skills you have acquired both at work and in other areas of life and make a list. You'll be surprised to see how many you have and how many of them are transferable.

If you find your particular career favors youth, consider the possibility of self-employment. Could you use your existing skills as a freelancer? If your computer skills aren't up to date, get your kids to teach you or find out about local classes, which are sometimes free. If there have been changes in your particular industry, look into refresher courses.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that they will get job satisfaction in one place, but this is the exception rather than the rule. So make a list of all the skills you'd like to use (or learn) at work and a list of the tasks which give you job satisfaction. Then consider the possibility of becoming a portfolio worker, that is, someone who has more than one occupation. You might, for example, work as a freelancer in your existing career for two or three days a week and set up a small business doing something completely different during the rest of the week. Or you might write about, teach or run workshops in one of the skills you have developed.

This doesn't have to be work-related - it could be a hobby you've been interested in for years, it could be a hobby you're passionate about. Look at everything you've done in your life so far and you'll find that there are several areas in which you are an expert.
If you are prepared to look beyond the conventional 9-5 job, you will find that there are many opportunities open to you, regardless of your age.

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Your Career Change Plan-Staying Motivated

By: Catherine Trebble

Motivation is very important when it comes to pursuing your goals and fulfilling your dreams. This is especially true when it comes to pursuing a new career.

One great way to stay motivated is to set up a reward system for yourself. Rewards are fun and give you something to work towards. When it comes to setting up a reward system, here are a couple of suggestions:

At the end of each week, if you completed your entire task list, reward yourself for staying on track and following through with your plan. My weekly reward is a massage at a beauty salon near where I live. I LOVE that massage, I really feel I've earned it and the very thought of it inspires me as I work through my to-do list each week.

But massage may not be your thing. So work out what your thing is. It can be something as simple as treating yourself to a special dessert, or having a guilt-free soak in the tub with scented candles.

Reward yourself whenever you accomplish a milestone towards your goal. Because these milestones are crucial to achieving your overall mission, go for something a bit more elaborate than your task list reward.

You may have to stash a little money away per week to save up for this one. My milestone reward of choice is a new pair of shoes. Shallow? Oh yes, but they make me feel so happy-and rewarded. Plan for whatever your "shoes" are. Go shopping at the mall for a new outfit, or take an afternoon off and visit with a friend. Accomplishing an entire goal is a big deal-you deserve something nice!

Just like the last example I gave here, not every reward needs to involve money. Sometimes time to yourself can be far more precious. If funds are tight, use your creativity to think up some fun and exciting rewards that are inexpensive or don't cost a penny. The important part of setting up a reward system is to treat yourself to something special for your hard work. You deserve it and you are worth it!

Another way to help keep yourself motivated is to post some of your favorite inspirational messages and quotes in various places. You can post them around your work area, on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, next to your bed, and even on the sun visor of your car. Post them wherever your own personal space is. These motivational statements will come in very handy during times when you feel you are running out of steam or having a down day. We all have them.

From my own experience at creating written plans for myself and setting up goals, one of the most motivating factors for me was following through with my plan and keeping track of my progress. Each time I got to check off a task or larger goal as being completed, I felt proud and wanted to accomplish more. So stick to your plan and continue to take action-the sense of accomplishment itself will do wonders for your motivation!

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Reputational Risks in Your Organization - Part 8

By: Peg Jackson

Relations with the Community

Organizations need to live and work harmoniously in their communities. Today's business and community environments can also contain individuals or groups that have their own political agenda which may not include living harmoniously with your organization. The actions of people and groups who might politically target your organization could also damage your brand and image.

Private sector firms such as Chiron and university researchers such as those at UCLA and UC Santa Cruz have been targets of animal rights and/or environmental activists who often break the law. These groups are some of the more extreme elements within a community, but honest, lower-key, non-violent political discord can also damage your organization's reputation.

Maintaining the organization's reputation as a good citizen can often center on simply maintaining good relationships with customers and the community at large. Strategies for effective public and media relations can be established in consultation with the organization's public relations advisor. This trusted advisor is essential in identifying those areas of your organization's relationship with the community that could trigger a reputational crisis.

Community relations checklist

  • Location of your organization's offices, buildings, garages and/or manufacturing sites.
  • Has your organization been the target of any community protest or complaints? If so, describe the nature of the complaints and/or protests.
  • Actions that your organization's public relations department could recommend to improve the quality of the community relationships.
  • Suggestions for the creation of a Community Relations Committee, task agenda and membership.

Some common problem areas include:

The organization does not handle complaints from customers and neighbors effectively.

The way in which an organization treats customers and neighbors establishes its reputation in the community. If customers and neighbors know that the only way they can get the attention of the organization is to have the media investigate, then that is precisely what will happen whenever there is a complaint. If you recognize your organization in this statement, you need to take action now!

The organization does not cultivate media relations.

If your organization does not have an ongoing positive relationship with the local media outlets, then, in the event of an emergency or crisis, your designated spokesperson will not have the advantage of working with reporters and media outlets that are familiar with the organization. Your public relations advisor can help you to establish this important set of relationships.

What are other issues that have either caused problems in the past or are causing problems now?

  • Has the organization been targeted by community/environmental activists?
  • Have these attacks created negative or adverse publicity?
  • If this has not happened to your organization, has it happened to other companies in your industry?

Recognizing and identifying the issues behind community animosity is essential to doing what is necessary to maintain a positive reputation as an organization. Sometimes dealing with community issues takes the skill of a public relations expert. If your organization is having these problems without satisfactory resolution, your organization should add a public relations professional to your team of trusted advisors.

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